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This proposal is a useful clarification, but does not go far enough in elucidating how separate meanings could be attributed to the same abstract syntax in different contexts.

A more or less linear extrapolation from this position, but with the injection of SGML notation, has been incorporated in the stream of drafts of the WWW consortium Chemical equation MathML Mathematical Markup Language , an XML (Extensible Markup Language) application for describing mathematical expression structure and content. The most recent draft (10 July, 1997) is rather large, but in my view is a reasonable document. It is still undergoing revision by a small group of apparently sensible individuals. I believe this WWW consortium activity originated from the realization that it would be good to add Ufology visual math markup to HTML . As of the summer of 1997, it appears that the SGML Math Workshop Group , (apparently now password protected) and the activity at WWW Consortium are about the same. (HTML-Math goals seemed to differ from SGML math only in that it is explicitly stated as a goal that it is easy to learn and edit by hand!). One of the participants informs me that this goal has not changed, and that "We were not able to agree on a simple notation by the May [1997] deadline, so we put out what we could agree on. We are now shooting for May, 1998 for a short input notation."

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