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Or perhaps you should start with QED, an "international project to build a computer system that effectively represents much of important mathematical knowledge and technique. The QED system will conform to the highest standards of mathematical rigor, including the use of strict formality in the internal representation Scientific software of knowledge and the use of mechanical methods to check proofs of the correctness of all entries in the system. A principal application of the QED system will be the verification of computer programs. For background on the idea of the QED Project see The QED Manifesto ."

If we deliberately ignore this noble line of work and instead work from the (in general false) hypothesis that the semantics for a piece mathematics is exactly its appearance, we can make some immediate mathlab short-term progress. Just take pictures of all the pages and ignore the content. Perhaps with indexing by subject or title (done by hand, perhaps), we can find what we want. It appears that the math book collection at cornell does approximately this. It appears it is slow to access, download, and without content-based search. (It has been unavailable since 1/26/97, and I have not tried it myself). On the positive side, if the images are good enough, anyone with a cleverer idea for analysis or indexing can use this as a basis for further work.

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