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Since our ICDAR paper concentrated on mathematics representation, we will, for the rest of this report concentrate on mathematics.

If you look up only one place on the internet, an approach that we think is fundamentally right is Equation editor the SIMLAB project at Cornell using a semantic and structural approach for mathematics, designed for collaborative engineering and design work. The treatment of the context and overall viewpoint of communication known as Mathbus is described in this paper on collaborative mathematics environments . However, no one has a ``lock'' Scientific software on the exactly right approach and this is not so different from others of the other contemporary projects that they would be incompatible.

Next, a diversion. If you buy into the rigor argument (namely that we can only communicate that which we formally represent -- and this is not a bad argument when it comes to mathematics), there are many WWW resources to look at before we can communicate. For example, on formal representations of many concepts you could check over the listings being assembled by R.B. Jones including this report on mathematics .

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