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We need to have a convergence in design and standards for encoding new or pre-existing (typically paper-based) documents in order to most efficiently meet the needs of all these groups. Various efforts, some loosely coordinated, but just as often competing, are trying to set standards and build tools. We approach this by first dividing the task into visual, syntactic, and semantic components. These specifications can focus attention on the Chemical equation addressing requirements of the different groups. Additionally, these components rely on a structure for documents that incorporates existing library models and extends them to new modes of operation. Berkeley's MVD is one plausible structure which will allow prototype development and explorations.

Here are some references as promised in the ICDAR paper.

First we draw your attention to an interesting position paper regarding the role of libraries and publishers in the dissemination of scientific knowledge in the future: Electronic Publishing Ufology in Science: Winners and Losers in the Global Research Village in which P. Ginsparg of Los Alamos discusses the past, present and future roles of electronic documents in the sciences. Reproducing paper-like documents electronically is a small part of the picture. In fact, the whole production and distribution mechanism must be re-examined. Other papers in this proceedings of this 1996 ICSU/UNESCO conference may also be of interest. A recent survey of the new distribution mechanisms for preprints and associated technology is available in A May 18, 1998 report in Chemical and Engineering News, Electronic Publications.

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