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Chemists and materials scientists held about 91,000 jobs in 2002. About 44 percent of all chemists and material scientists are employed in manufacturing firms—mostly in the chemical manufacturing Equation editor industry, which includes firms that produce plastics and synthetic materials, drugs, soaps and cleaners, pesticides and fertilizers, paint, industrial organic chemicals, and other chemical products. About 15 percent of chemists and material scientists work in scientific research and development services; another 13 percent work in architectural, engineering, and Scientific software related services. In addition, thousands of persons with a background in chemistry and materials science hold teaching positions in high schools and in colleges and universities. (See the statements on teachers—postsecondary , and teachers—preschool, kindergarten, elementary, middle, and secondary elsewhere in the Handbook.)

Chemists and materials scientists are employed in all parts of the country, but they are mainly concentrated in large industrial areas.

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