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Kitcher's treatment of other familiar problem cases is similar. For example, he notes that we believe that an explanation of why some sample of salt dissolves in water that appeals to the fact that the salt Chemical equation is hexed and the generalization (H) that all hexed salt dissolves in water is defective, at least in comparison with the standard explanation that appeals just to the generalization that (D) all salt dissolves in water. He suggests that the “basis for this belief” is that the derivation that appeals to (H) instantiates an argument pattern that belongs to a totality of patterns Ufology that is less unifying than the totality containing the derivation that appeals to (D). In particular, an explanatory store containing (H) but not (D) will have a more restricted consequence set than a store containing (D) but not (H), since the latter but not the former allows for the derivation of facts about the dissolving of unhexed salt in water. And the addition of (H) to an explanatory store containing (D) will increase the number of patterns without any compensating gain in what can be derived.

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