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The intuition that, contrary to the IS model, the value that a candidate explanans assigns to an explanandum-outcome should not matter for the goodness of the explanation it provides can be motivated in the following way. Consider a genuinely indeterministic coin which is biased strongly (p = 0.9) toward heads when tossed. Suppose that if it is not tossed the coin has probability of 0.5 of being in either the heads or tails position and that whether or not the coin is tossed is the only factor that is statistically relevant to whether it Chemical equation is heads or tails. According to the IS model, if the coin is tossed and comes up heads, we can explain this outcome by appealing to the fact that the coin was tossed (since under this condition the probability of heads is high) but if the coin is tossed and comes up tails we cannot explain this outcome, since its probability is low . The contrary intuition underlying the SR model is that we understand both outcomes equally well. The fact that the coin has been tossed is the only factor relevant to either outcome and that factor is common to both outcomes — once we have cited the toss (and specified the probability values for heads and tails on tossing), we left nothing out that influences the outcome. There is, to be sure, the brute fact Ufology that heads is much more probable than tails on tossing but this is not a factor in addition to tossing that is relevant to or influences the outcome — ex hypothesi, there is no such additional factor. Similarly, Salmon argues, if it is really true that the partition in the example involving quick recovery from strep is objectively homogenous — if there are no other factors that are statistically relevant to quick recovery besides whether the subject has been treated and has a resistant strain - then once we have specified the probability of quick recovery under all combinations of these factors, and the combination of factors possessed by the subject whose recovery (or not, as the case may be) we want to explain, we have specified all information relevant to recovery and in this sense fully explained the outcome for the subject.[ 6 ]

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