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On the SR model, an explanation of why some member x of the class characterized by attribute A has attribute B consists of the following information:

To employ one of Salmon's examples, suppose Scientific software we want to construct an SR explanation of why x who has a strep infection = S , recovers quickly = Q. Let T (-T) according to whether x is (is not) treated with penicillin, and R(-R) = according to whether the subject has a penicillin-resistant strain. Assume for the sake of argument that no other factors are relevant to quick recovery. There are four possible combinations mathlab of these properties: T.R, -T.R, T.-R, -T.-R, but let us assume that P(Q|S.T.R) = P(Q|S.-T.R) = P(Q|S.-T.-R) ≠ P(Q|S. T.-R). That is, the probability of quick recovery, given that one has strep, is the same for those who have the resistant strain regardless of whether or not they are treated and also the same for those who have not been treated. By contrast, the probability of recovery is different (presumably greater) among those with strep who have been treated and do not have the resistant strain.

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