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Although the hidden structure strategy deserves more attention than it can receive here, several points seem clear. First, the notion of one explanation “conveying information about” Chemical equation another “underlying” explanation requires considerable spelling out. Depending on what “underlying” is understood to mean, it is arguable that there are many explanations underlying (2.4.1) — (i) the explanation (2.4.2 ), assuming that condition K can be specified in a non-trivial way, (ii) an explanation at the level of classical physics that makes Ufology reference to laws governing inelastic collisions, the behavior of liquids when not confined to containers, and so on, and (iii) an explanation in which the behavior of the whole system is characterized in terms of some more fundamental physical theory (quantum mechanics , superstring theory etc.). Are all of these explanations implicit in (2.4.1) or does (2.4.1 ) convey partial information about all of them? In what sense of “implicit” or “conveys information about” could this possibly be true?

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