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TCI Software Research , purchased by MacKichan, has a selection of word processing programs including Scientific WorkPlace, which is a word processing system designed especially for preparing technical documents, with substantial support for mathematics. Options Chemical equation for this product originally included links built in to the Maple or Mathematica computer algebra systems, although now it appears that only the option of Maple is supported. SWP represents an alternative route to the ``notebook'' paradigm that seems to be a result of convergent evolution in the Maple/Mathematica (etc) battle. In this case the evolution has come from an almost-WYSIWYG almost-TeX-intermediate-form word processor. There are other products described in links from its home page.

A nicely Ufology working program, which was first available for windows, but is now being distributed on various UNIX systems (9/1999) is IBM's TechExplorer which deals with TeX code and must be down-loaded to your computer as a plug-in. Simon Fraser University has interesting Web-based mathematics presentation and computation facilities in their Organic Mathematics Project . This project demonstrates alternatives to the notion of a static, even hyperlinked, textbook document. People interested in a more multi-media approach to math should find this interesting.

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