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There are a variety of one-off projects like the MINSE project , with a "polymediator" which is a computer program available to convert, on request, pieces of readable mathlab text into urls of stuff. Or the Euromath project funded by the European Mathematical Trust, to ``enhance research support for European mathematicians'' by assisting in communication, apparently resulting in an editing system for mathematical publishing, and a bulletin.

If your primary interest is simply to display math on Web pages, then LaTeX editor the Minnesota Geometry center would like you to use their WebEQ software which requires the user of a browser to download programs (UNIX or Windows) but would then process HTML-Math and other, TeX-like stuff. Poliplus software's EqnViewer comes with a java applet that can be used to display pieces of math. Since their demo page hasn't worked reliably for me, I haven't been tempted.

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