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Another early paper is "Towards an Equation Exchange Standard" Task Group Agenda by Tom Libert, Michigan EXPRES Project ( (1987)). Libert proposes the task force address the question of making a ``content architecture'' versus just equation mathlab formatting, and should the group ``develop such an architecture, or simply wait for ANSI/ISO to do it in 2-3 years?'' Clearly the wait has not achieved the architecture, although arguably several other groups have tried to pick up the ball.

A subsequent public meeting at a SIGGRAPH conference concerning this topic of representation of equations resulted in a report by Dennis Arnon of Xerox, Report of LaTeX editor the Workshop on Environments for Computational Mathematics The key idea being proposed here is that an ``abstract syntax'' be defined for any mathematical expression, roughly corresponding to a functional notation (or equivalent). Using trhis, a SMS or Standard Mathematical System, consisting of a collection of SMCs or Standard Mathematical Components communicating via the abstract syntax run over a ``wire'' between them Typical SMCs could be assembled for use in one or more of four ways: Editing, Displaying, Computation, and Documentation.

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