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If we rise above this level of bitmap, but view the QED approach as too difficult, what can we do? Historically, an early paper that sets down what had by that time become fairly obvious. Namely that with this hypothesis, Math software to communicate mathematics electronically in some standard way that could be understood by all, we just need to agree on a single typesetting system. There are already a number of typesetting systems for mathematics (among academics, TeX and EQN were prominent), Pick one. This was conveyed in a 1987 memo from the Network Working Group (presumably ARPA funded in some way) Ufology Issues in Defining an Equations Representation Standard by Alan Katz of USC/ISI. Katz comes up with a recommendation for an EQN ASCII "directive" system which allows simple inclusion of math-display objects in email etc. Actually, I am mischaracterizing Katz: in fact he argues that semantics would not be represented because the person typing the math may not even know what it means. This situation may have changed somewhat since 1987, with more scientists typesetting their own papers!

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