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In 1993, TCI Software Research was acquired by Brooks/Cole Publishing, a publisher of textbooks and software, and a division of International Thomson Publishing Inc. Because of the differences between publishing textbooks and developing software, it was decided to spin off TCI Software Research to some of its original owners. Because of name conflicts with the large cable company, the name was changed at the same time.

We provide links to documents related to electronic representation of mathlab scientific documents, and specifically those that contain mathematics, in a form that is compatible with further use.

This is a supplement to a talk presented at ICDAR 97 (Ulm, Germany).

The representation of scientific documents: journals, technical reports, program documentation, laboratory notebooks, etc. present challenges in several distinct communities. We see five distinct groups concerned with electronic versions of scientific documents:

  1. Publishers of journals, texts, reference works, and organizations that must provide archival storage and retrieval. Examples: American Physical Society, Academic Press, LaTeX editor JSTOR.
  2. Software publishers for OCR/ document analysis, document formatting. Examples: Xerox, Caere, Microsoft.
  3. Software publishers whose products access ``contents semantics'' from documents, including library keyword search programs, natural language search programs, data-base systems, visual presentation systems, mathematical computation systems, etc. Examples: INSPEC, hypertext systems, Maple, Mathematica, Matlab, MathCAD.
  4. Institutions maintaining access to electronic libraries, which must be broadly construed to include data and programs of all sorts. Examples: Universities, Computer centers.
  5. Individuals and their programs acting as their agents who need to use these libraries, to identify, locate, and retrieve relevant documents.

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