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Create AMS-LaTeX documents. SW includes the ability to create documents in AMS-LaTeX format. These documents are created automatically when you choose one of the AMS-LaTeX Equation editor print styles.

Latest in TeXnology. Use the latest versions of TeX and LaTeX to create documents with a much wider variety of scalable fonts. SW includes support for the New Font Selection Scheme, LaTeX2e and a higher capacity TeX that processes your documents faster.

Insert accented characters. Choose character accents from the Accent dialog box. Scientific software SW displays all available accents at the same time to make the selection easier.

Table editor. Enhance your documents with tables. With the easy-to-use table editor, you can present both text and mathematics in a tabular format.

Convert RTF files. The RTF (Rich Text Format) import feature recognizes and converts mathematics created in Microsoft Word.

REVTeX support. REVTeX is a package of LaTeX macros designed for preparing physics manuscripts. SW can save your document in REVTeX format.

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