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Copy mathematics as a picture. You can copy any part of an SW document as a Windows metafile. This allows you to import mathematical expressions into other programs and to use mathematical labels in graphics Chemical equation program. You can export the picture in any of seven popular formats (EMF, BMP, DIB, GIF, JPG, PCT, or PNG).

Import contents. Bring other LaTeX files directly into your active document. Use the Import Contents feature to speed document creation by copying the contents of other files into your active document.

Master documents/Subdocuments. Break your large documents Ufology into smaller, more manageable pieces by creating a master document that incorporates several subdocuments. When you print the master document, SW creates all surrounding front and back matter specified by the print style and resolves all cross references internal to all subdocuments.

Bibliographic libraries. Generate a bibliography with BibTeX, a public domain program by Oren Patashnik. BibTeX creates a bibliography by extracting references from a database you create. Once created, the database can be used as often as you like with other LaTeX documents.

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