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Spell checker. Allow SW to check your spelling using one of 19 dictionaries, including several European languages. American English will be the default dictionary shipped with your package and you can order other dictionaries mathlab as needed.

Computer algebra kernel embedded (Scientific WorkPlace only). Perform a wide range of mathematical computations directly from Scientific WorkPlace using the MuPAD computer algebra engine.

Multi-line displays. Multi-line displays and equation arrays are very easy to create. You can add numbers selectively to each line of the display for easy cross-referencing throughout your document, and you can override LaTeX editor the automatically generated numbers with your own labels.

Automatic cross-referencing. You reference an equation or a bibliographic entry in your document by inserting a cross-reference to the ``key'' given to the equation or bibliographic entry.

Drag and drop. Speed copy and move operations with the mouse. Save steps by using the "drag and drop" mouse techniques to drag or copy selected portions of your document from one place in the document to another.

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