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Hyperlink your documents. You can easily create hyperlinks to other parts of your document, to other SW documents, or to any document on the World Wide Web. If you create a link to Math software an HTML document, SW will launch your browser to read it.

Style editor. Use the style editor to create special print styles that match your needs, then save those styles for future use . You don't have to know LaTeX to create print styles with the style editor.

TeX produces typeset-quality documents. Your documents are typeset using TeX and LaTeX. Ufology The Windows implementation of TeX and LaTeX that is supplied with SW is TrueTeX®, a product of Kinch Computer Company. Because typesetting is automatic, you do not have to know TeX or LaTeX to use SW effectively. However, if you are familiar with TeX, you can enter TeX commands directly into your document. Files are stored in ASCII LaTeX format.

TrueType fonts. Outline fonts provide pleasing on-screen mathematics and italics. SW uses Windows 95 (or higher) TrueType fonts.

LaTeX editor
Equation editor

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