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Styles define document appearance. You can use a wide range of predefined print styles and shell documents for producing books, articles, reports and other types of documents. Because the styles contain complete document formatting instructions, you can concentrate Scientific software on writing your document instead of on formatting its appearance. Here are some of the available predefined article shells:

Use direct printing to bypass LaTeX. When you want a quick printout, or when you don't need the power of LaTeX, you can print directly, without invoking LaTeX. SW then prints your document in the same way it displays mathlab it on the screen.

Post your documents on the web, and read documents from the Web. You can open files from any web server as easily as you can read a local file. Use hyperlinking to create an entire web of SW documents. MacKichan Software, Inc. provides a free browser (Scientific Viewer) for SW documents on the web. The free browser is also on the SW disks. The combination of SW and the free Scientific Viewer is currently the best solution for displaying mathematics on the web. Or, you can convert your documents to HTML, with the mathematics rendered as graphics or as MathML.

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