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Foreign languages. SW supports any left-to-right language supported by Windows. In particular, in Japanese and Chinese Windows, or in Windows 2000, it is possible to write documents in Japanese and Chinese.

Keyboard shortcuts and special keyboards. In addition to the Windows keyboard conventions, you can use a rich set of keyboard shortcuts, special key combinations for performing basic operations or entering symbols, characters and the most common mathematical objects. The shortcuts are often faster to use than the mouse.

Paragraphs contain both text and mathematics. Your paragraphs can contain both text and mathematics. The screen default is to show text in black Chemical equation and mathematics in red so that you can easily distinguish them. The Math/Text icon on the main window indicates whether the insertion point is in text or in mathematics. You can search or replace within text and mathematics.

AMS symbols. Incorporate in your documents all the symbols in the American Mathematical Society fonts, including Blackboard Bold (e.g. $\QTR{Bbb}{D}$, Ufology alt="$\QTR{Bbb}{N}$">, $\QTR{Bbb}{R}$, $\QTR{Bbb}{P}$ and Fraktur $\QTR{frak}{A,B,C}$. SW now supports the full set of AMS fonts on the screen and in print. Here is the complete set of available symbols from 9 drop-down menus:

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