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We feel it's important for you to understand the difference between the two approaches because a logical system requires a very different interface from a visual system. If you are familiar with a WYSIWYG system, you may at first be surprised by some of the differences:

SW's mathlab emphasis on logical structure does not ignore the fact that documents must still be printed in a readable, organized and visually pleasing format. Any of the many predefined print styles gives your document a high-quality, typeset appearance in print.

Separating the processes of creating and formatting a document combines the best of the on-line and print worlds. You do the work of creating a good document; SW does the work of creating a beautiful one.

Windows conventions. LaTeX editor SW uses Windows conventions and runs as a Windows application. You can apply what you already know about using Windows applications directly to the SW environment. First, you'll find the available commands in menus, bars, icons and popups on the screen. Second, you can enter commands with the mouse or from the keyboard using standard mouse and keyboard techniques. And third, you'll recognize many standard Windows keyboard conventions, such as using CTRL+x to cut a selection. Pressing the right mouse button will bring up a context-sensitive menu.

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