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By using TeX for printing, SW takes advantage of the many automatic typesetting features available within TeX, such as kerning, hyphenation, and automatic sizing, placement, Math software and positioning of mathematics. In SW you interact directly with mathematics in familiar form, not with TeX codes.

An alternative approach to word processing, called visual design, focuses on making the screen look as much like the printed page as possible. This approach has also been called WYSIWYG, for What You See Is What Ufology You Get. Visual design is an inefficient and short-sighted use of modern windowing systems. More often than not, visual design systems entice highly paid professionals to waste many hours "fiddling" with the appearance of a document, only to produce an inconsistent and unprofessional result. One recent study found that the loss of productivity resulting from this so-called "futz factor" reduces our gross domestic product by 2% annually!

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