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When you enter an expression, Scientific WorkPlace derives operations from the natural notation used. For example, if you enter $\int xdx$ or Math software height="23px" border=none src="swptransparent.png" alt="">$\frac{dx^{3}}{dx}$, Scientific WorkPlace understands what you are writing and will evaluate the expressions appropriately. This is not possible in other computation systems because they force you to be exact with your input syntax. To illustrate this, we enter an integral using SW's natural notation input methods (described later) and press CTRL+e to evaluate the integral (or choose Evaluate from the Compute menu).
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Scientific WorkPlace automatically places an equal sign between your original expression and the result of the integration. You can use the result of the integration (or the original expression) in subsequent work by selecting the entire expression or some portion thereof. You can perform standard Windows Copy/Paste operations on the expressions as well. You can save a selected item as a "fragment" (this is the term we use to signify math, text or graphic objects you save for later recall). Fragments are discussed in greater detail in the "Features Overview" section.

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