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The following screen shows one of the "tag" pop-up menus.


Scientific Equation editor WorkPlace incorporates the MuPAD symbolic computation engine. With Scientific WorkPlace you can perform a wide range of mathematical computations directly within your documents. You can easily enter mathematical expressions in natural notation, manipulate the expressions, and the results are generated in your document so you can use them in subsequent calculations.

The interface Scientific software to MuPAD in Scientific WorkPlace is completely different from that found in any other application. By creating a special math interpreter (called EasyMath™), we took a "no compromise" approach that uses SW mathematics "as is" for computations. Just as you do not need to know LaTeX to use SW, you do not have to learn a new way of writing mathematics to compute with MuPAD in Scientific WorkPlace. Expressions are always in their natural format and there is no distinction between input and results!

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