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This white paper provides a technical discussion of two innovative software applications. The first, Scientific Word® version 4.0 for Windows, is a software package unique in the Scientific software way it handles text and mathematics. It is a full document editor, not just an equation editor. Scientific Word understands mathematics and automatically sizes, spaces, and positions symbols for you. The second program, Scientific WorkPlace® 4.0 for Windows, is an enhanced version of Scientific Word. By seamlessly integrating Scientific Word's powerful word processing features with A powerful mathlab computer algebra system and a special math interpreter, Scientific WorkPlace defines a completely new software category that will change the way users of technical software work, create, and learn.

Throughout this paper, we refer to the two programs as SW unless we want to make a distinction between them. Also, we use Scientific WorkPlace screens to illustrate various operations---the two programs have identical screens except that Scientific WorkPlace has an extra menu item, Compute.

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