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The stated objectives of this short book are twofold. First, to demystify technical, scientific, medical and political arguments on musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs); second, to be a union source book on different approaches to tackling MSDs. The book meets these goals and goes beyond them. It is ceaselessly Chemical equation pro-worker and values the knowledge, wisdom and ability of workers to improve work life. The writing style is different from publications we see from unions in the United States. It is wordier and less linear in its approach. After wandering through its 120 pages, speckled with case studies, summaries of legislation, analysis, compilations of data, photographs, drawings and sample union fact sheets and posters, you've had a whirlwind tour of a world of ergonomics activism (mainly from Europe but also Ufology the United Kingdom and the United States).

Did you know that the European Union has a framework directive which mandates member nations strive to eliminate "repetitive and monotonous work? Can you imagine the U.S. Department of Labor even considering such a rule? Can you imagine U.S. workers demanding such a rule any time soon? Consider: this is an ergonomics rule at its core, which seeks to eliminate the structure of some jobs that make them damaging to the body and spirit of the workers doing them. There are more discoveries to be mined from “Europe Under Strain” — whole new ways of viewing the struggle over workplace safety.

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