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conducted by the JPC at the Annual Meeting.

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Book Review: Europe Under Strain
by Maggie Robbins, California Labor Federation

Europe mathlab Under Strain: A report on trade union initiatives to combat workplace musculoskeletal disorders. Rory O'Neill. TUTB - European Trade Union Technical Bureau for Health and Safety. 1999. ISBN 2-930003-29-4

This is not a technical book on ergonomics. And despite its subtitle, it is more than a report on union initiatives. “Europe Under Strain” reframes the discussion of ergonomics entirely from the way we usually talk about it in the United States. O'Neill puts forward the view that preventing ergonomic injuries isn't solely, or even mainly, about identifying and controlling physical "risk factors" of job tasks. It is about workers LaTeX editor having enough control over their jobs that they can keep from being overworked, overstressed, worn out and thrown away. It is about changing work so no job degrades and alienates the workers doing them. In this book the term "job design" isn't referring to the physical engineering of the job, though that is included, but rather to the entire concept of how work is done and the jobs "designed" to accomplish that work. Ergonomist Philippe Negroni, associated with a French trade union, puts it this way: "For many people, work is tough. They are on the bottom rung of the ladder, and nobody is interested in what they do, at least that's how they see it. What is being challenged here is the way in which the work is justified."

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