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The winning recipients of the Alice Hamilton Award for 2000 include:

- A study that uses innovative approaches to identify the biochemical reactions that occur in the cells and the genes following exposure to the industrial Scientific software metal chronium VI. Understanding these effects will help scientists better predict and prevent cancer risks from chromium VI exposures.

- A training video that provides clear, meaningful instruction to miners for preventing death or serious injury from rock falls, a major hazard in underground mines. The video has been adopted widely in mine safety training programs.

- A study evaluating new engineering controls for mathlab asphalt paving equipment. The study is part of a landmark partnership under which NIOSH has worked closely with industry, labor and other federal agencies in significantly reducing worker exposures to asphalt fumes in asphalt paving operations.

- A study that provides the first rigorous attempt to substantiate NIOSH's revised lifting equation. The lifting equation is widely used for assessing whether manual lifting tasks involve increased risks for painful, costly back injuries, and which factors are responsible for the increased risk.

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