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Throughout May, our division's resources were promoted, such as child labor bookmarks, workplace safety and health tips brochures, and child labor brochures specifically for employers and school officials. Weekly campaign activities kept the awareness level going across the state. Similar activities mathlab should have occurred in your state. If you wish to know what activities were part of the campaign in your state, go to the ILSA Web site at < > to find your state labor standards contact or web site link. Or you can go to the Young Worker Safety and Health Network site at < LaTeX editor > to find the child labor contact for your state.

This campaign is one of many being addressed by the Child Labor Task Force. Additional initiatives include taking a proactive stance on implementing the National Research Council's Protecting Youth at Work recommendations. Others include more coordinated outreach and enforcement efforts between state and federal agencies responsible for protecting working youth. Keep an eye out for the Task Force's momentum as it continues to build!

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