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The campaign is endorsed by the organizations comprising the Task Force: the Interstate Labor Standards Association (ILSA), the National Association of Government Labor Officials (NAGLO), and the U. S. Department of Labor, Math software Wage and Hour Division.

The campaign was introduced nationwide the first week of May. Labor standards agencies across the country planned activities throughout the month. We hoped to raise awareness about the fact that too many children are injured and killed at work each year. We wanted to demonstrate the link between abuse of child labor laws and youth injured at work.

In 1999, more than 233 Ufology of Missouri's 14– and 15–year–olds were injured seriously enough to file workers' compensation claims. Our division discovered more than 4,000 violations of Missouri's Child Labor Law. We hope, through this campaign, and our many other outreach efforts, that employers, parents, school officials and working youth will take advantage of the resources we make available to them. Our main intent is to teach everyone their rights and responsibilities under the child labor laws and basic safety guidelines for working youth.

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