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WinEdt is a shareware, state-of-the art text editor and shell for Windows. It is an ideal shell for your favorite implementation of Tex. I use Y&Y Tex. WinEdt menus and symbol toolbar make it easy for the novice to construct equations. This completely customizable shell can run Chemical equation your entire TeX environment and much more. Menu items have been preset to generate many of the Latex environments, but because the menus are scriptable, the user can add others. I have added menu items and toolbar buttons for the following actions: Latex, BibTeX, Dvi Preview, Dvipsone, Acrobat Distiller, Acrobat, TtH, Netscape. WinEdt32 (WinEdt 5 was just released) was used to write the example in the Latex file winedt.tex (1KB), whose content can be viewed by looking at the text file winedt.txt . The first four lines, the last line, and the eqnarray environment were created using Ufology my knowledge of Latex The equations were created using the Math, Greek, Symbols, and function tool bars. The purpose of the second and third lines is to select the Y&Y MathTime fonts, which has the effect of making the resulting PDF file size small because the Times text font does not have to be embedded in the PDF document. The Acrobat Reader can generate this font automatically. Running Latex on winedt.tex produced winedt.dvi, running Dvipsone on winedt.dvi produced, and running the Acrobat Distiller on produced winedt.pdf (10KB). View winedt.pdf and wordpdfwriter.pdf with the Acrobat Reader. They are virtually indistinguishable.

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