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The Boston Meeting offers much for OHS Section members. In addition to the wide range of interesting and informative papers that will be presented, the host committee has been extremely busy planning several labor history tours, the Section social and scholarship fundraising Scientific software party. Please check the Section Web site for detailed program information as the Meeting date approaches. The fall newsletter will also feature the Section's preliminary program.

Recognizing that the pace and hours of work seem to increase as information technology (i.e., communication) “improves,” I hope everyone takes the opportunity to shut down the technology (yes, even e-mail and cell phones) and make time to enjoy some rest and mathlab relaxation this summer.

Jane Lipscomb


Membership/Minority Recruitment Committee Report
by Carlos Eduardo Siqueira, Membership Committee co-chair

At our committee conference call on March 15 we (six committee members) discussed the drop in membership in our Section from a high of 1,500 in 1992 to less than 1,000 currently. Not only do we need to focus on reaching potential new members, but we also have to consider what we need to do to sustain the current ones.

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