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Despite the fact that the ergonomics hearings have dominated many of our Section members' time and energy this spring, work has continued on a number of other critical worker health and safety Chemical equation issues. Section members representing health care workers have worked relentlessly over the past decade to protect workers from needlestick injuries. These efforts have recently borne fruit in the passage of legislation requiring the use of safer needles in at least 10 states. See the related article for a full discussion of this activity.

In April, OSHA responded to the negative media Ufology created by its detractors by releasing a new policy directive to clarify the agency's enforcement policies on "home work.” The directive states that OSHA will not inspect home offices under any circumstances but will respond to complaints involving potentially hazardous factory work being performed in the home. Copies of the directive can be found at <>. It should be noted that only three "home" inspections have been conducted in the agency's history, and all three involved high hazard situations.

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