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The Mathematical Association of America web site contains a number of columns which illustrate the use of embedded Java applets in mathematical exposition.

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LiveMath is a computer algebra system. Waterloo Maple sold MathView & Expressionist Product Line to WebPrimitives, LLC of Cambridge, Massachusetts. LiveMath Maker is a computer program which can be used to make, explore, experiment with, and create LiveMath. LiveMath created with LiveMath Maker can be shared using the free LiveMath plugin for Netscape and Internet Explorer. After downloading the LiveMath plugin and installing it, mathlab any Netscape or Internet Explorer web browser becomes LiveMath empowered, and can display any page that has embedded LiveMath content. The math is interactive. The user can change input values, see calculations recalculate, turn graphs, or zoom-in. As a computer algebra system, LiveMath is the third generation of mathematics software created by Allan Bonadio, original creator of Theorist, Expressionist, MathView/MathPlus. LiveMath is not syntax based. No programming language has to be learned. The operations are intuitive. A number that is on the right side of an equation can be algebraically-moved over to the left side by drag and drop. A graph can be rotated using the mouse.

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