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Mathcad allows the integration of text, math, and graphics into a single worksheet which makes it easy to visualize, illustrate and annotate problem solutions. Mathcad has an easy-to-use equation entry and editing interface that uses standard mathematical notation, plus automatic unit conversion. Mathcad Explorer is a free read-only version of Mathcad for viewing Mathcad documents.


Equation editor face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2" color="#000000">The Mathwright Library is a free collection of interactive, electronic mathematics and science "books." These books have been developed by College and Secondary School mathematics and science teachers (and sometimes by their students) since 1991. Initially funded by the National Science Foundation and supported by the IBM Corporation, it has been in place on the web since 1994. These books are documents created with a mathematics authoring program called Mathwright. The books are only available for Windows. The Library offers many services to instructors who may be interested in offering web-based mathematics or science courses, including: hosting their Scientific software WorkBooks, developing books, and providing the Mathwright Author Kit so that instructors may create their own materials. In addition to providing a free resource for interactive mathematics and science on the web, the Library is a Forum for the ongoing discussion of issues centered on the heuristic role of electronic media in the support of student visualization and participation. Anyone may contribute articles to this discussion, or may reply to previously posted articles. Each Mathwright WorkBook attempts to place the player, the learner, in the driver's seat. The computational environment recedes into the background so that the mathematical or scientific topic of interest comes under the spotlight. This means that students may often ask questions or explore ideas that even the author of the Workbook did not anticipate. Workbooks may be read with the external Mathwright Library Player 2.1 or the new Lava applet.

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