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In my laptop sophomore differential equations class, each class period is built around a Maple worksheet that students download before coming to class or at the beginning of the class period. Standard lecture mode has been replaced by problem solving activities and discussions which allow me to access my students every class Chemical equation period. Graded homework in the form of a Maple worksheet is submitted via the WebCT dropbox tool. All exams are written as Maple worksheets and submitted via the WebCT dropbox tool. Projects are also written as Maple worksheets. The class is conducted in a paperless mode. A primary objective of this course is to help the students assemble a portfolio of work that they can refer back to in subsequent semesters as differential equations problems arise in their science and engineering courses.

Ufology Mathematica provides a comprehensive computing, visualization, and document generation capabilities. Anyone can read and print a Mathematica notebooks using the free utility MathReader. Mathematica is the first commercial software with MathML export functionality. One of the greatest conveniences of the web is the ability to cut and paste text from a web site into a word processor. In the past, this was not possible with formulas. It was not possible to capture a formula from the web, paste it into a Mathematica notebook, and perform calculations with it without any retyping. The MathML standard changes that; users can cut expressions from MathML-enabled browsers and paste them directly into Mathematica.

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