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WebTeX is so close to Latex that it was fairly easy to convert winedt-scinotebk.tex into webeq-in.html , a special HTML file containing the WebTeX markup. Next, webeq-in.html Equation editor was processed with the Wizard to produce webeq-out.html. For readers who do not have the Math Viewer loaded, we provide a GIF image of the output webeq-out.gif .

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Scientific software face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2" color="#000000">The PDF document winedt.pdf generated above can be used as a WebCT path page with the help of the auxiliary file winedt-aux.html . Note that winedt.pdf must be uploaded into the outlines subdirectory of the COURSE FILES directory. Of course, you can create whatever directory structure you want. Also, notice that the variable "_COURSEID_" has been used in place of the courseid in case this material should be used in the future with a different courseid.

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