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Displaying TeX, Latex Documents: IBM Techexplorer, Scientific Viewer

IBM's techexplorer Scientific software is a plug-in for Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer, enabling the display of TeX, Latex, and MathML documents and the publishing of interactive mathematical and scientific material on the Web. Version 2.5.2 includes augmented display of MathML and Latex as well as new ways to enliven techexplorer documents via C++, Java, JavaScript, the DOM, and a web based equation editor. The IBM techexplorer is available in a free introductory version and a commercial professional version.

Both Latex files winedt.tex and scinotebk.tex produced above can be viewed using the IBM techexplorer plugin. The \usepackage commands in these files will be ignored and the \input commands will generate an error message at the top of the file. By deleting these commands and the comments, we arrive at a common file winedt-scinotebk.tex which can be viewed without generating an error message. For readers who do not have either plugin loaded, we provide a GIF image of the output winedt-scinotebk.gif .

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