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Microsoft Word 2000 comes with the Microsoft Equation Editor 3.01, a WYSIWYG equation editor. Math software Equation Editor 3.01 can be replaced by MathType 4 , a much more advanced version of this product. Word documents can be converted to PDF using the Acrobat PDFWriter or the Acrobat Distiller. Our example word.doc (19KB) was prepared using Word 2000 and Equation Editor 3.01. It was converted to PDF using the PDFWriter to produce wordpdfwriter.pdf (8KB), and it was again converted to PDF using the Distiller to produce Ufology worddistill.pdf (7KB). The Word document can be opened with Word 97 or Word 2000. The translation via the PDFWriter worked well, but the Distiller translation lost the summation sign and the integral sign. Microsoft has just released Office 2000 SR-1a (service release 1a). In addition, Adobe has recently released a free Acrobat update, Acrobat 4.05, which deals with several Office 2000 compatibility issues. Perhaps these updates will fix the Distiller translation problem.

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