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Displaying HTML Documents: Netscape, Internet Explorer, Mozilla

WebCT currently supports Netscape and Internet Explorer only. Chemical equation We recommend that also support Mozilla, which is an open-source web browser, designed for standards compliance, performance and portability.

Generating Content: Latex to HTML

TtH translates Plain TeX or Latex into a near equivalent in HTML. It is extremely fast Ufology and completely portable. It produces web documents that are compact and fast-viewing. TtH translates and displays mathematical expressions using the symbol fonts which are included in the 4+ versions of Netscape and Internet Explorer. TtH cannot display inline matrices and over dots. Inline fractions do not display well either. Overall, however, TtH is one of the best technologies available in the summer of 2000. The example file winedt.tex was converted into winedt.html (5KB) using TtH. There are some minor problems with vertical and horizontal alignment, but the mathematics is quite readable.

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