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Displaying PDF Documents: Adobe Acrobat Plugin

mathlab Adobe Acrobat 4.0 is a widely used tool for universal document exchange. Acrobat can be used to publish virtually any document in portable document format (PDF). PDF documents can be displayed and printed using the free Acrobat Reader. Documents in PDF format preserve the exact look and content of the originals, complete with fonts and graphics, and they can be distributed by e-mail , the Web, an intranet, a LaTeX editor file system, or a CD-ROM. Word documents can be converted directly to PDF using the Acrobat PDFWriter or the Acrobat Distiller. There can be small differences in the PDF documents produced. The PDF document produced by the Distiller will generally preserve the page breaks but the PDFWriter sometimes does not. Roman Type 1 and TrueType outline fonts can be embedded in the PDF document. This ensures that the original fonts are used for display and printing on computers that do not have the fonts installed.

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