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Either way, once your mathematics is living in an XML document it is then amenable to being manipulated via APIs such as the W3C DOM (eg from Java). This should, Chemical equation on a good day, provide for moving mathematics between interactive documents living in web browsers, between computer algebra systems, and anything else that cares to play the game.

How does MathML and OpenMath compare? MathML is the other XML application that is in this mathematics area. There has been a lot of work over the last year (1998-99) to make sure Ufology that these two languages are aligned in complementary ways, with Content MathML being essentially a shorthand for OM that covers a fixed range of Mathematics (essentially up to first year university, or end of high school, depending on culture) and `presentation' MathML being the son-of-TeX that provides a mechanism by which OpenMath and Content MathML can specify a visual presentation form for the object. This coordination between MathML and OpenMath is helped by the fact that the project memberships overlap.

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