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A response from Nico Poppelier is that this seems to be some AAP math fragment of SGML. Moreover, it appears that at least some such translations are buggy, having been done by hand, perhaps in TeX by the authors, but perhaps not.

After looking through this material, you might wish to peruse Roadkill on the Electronic Highway: the Threat to the Mathematical Literature mathlab for an argument that a distinction must be made between the more casual electronic publication and ``real'' publication.

How about joint projects between publishers and non-profit or educational institutions? The JSTOR project is a not-for-profit organization established with funding from the Mellon Foundation that provides a significant collection of on-line journals made available to participants (universities) under a subscription concept that is intended to satisfy for-profit publishers and users of this material. It is intended to be primarily an archival depository, leaving the most recent published LaTeX editor material to be accessed through other means. JSTOR uses a variety of proprietary software that can, however, be downloaded to user systems. The primary distribution mechanism provides printable or viewable page images. In some ways a similar operation, HighWire Press , a unit of the Stanford University Libraries, has set up partnerships with primarily non-profit scientific societies. Here the intent is to provide a mechanism for on-line publication of traditional publications, up to the current issue (and into the future, as contents listings are available). They are explicitly concerned with conversion to a networked library of the future. The documents appear to be searchable PDF.

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