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How about publishers? Consider Lightbinders , a producer of CD-ROMS for scientific documents, including the new 5th edition of I.S. Gradshteyn and I.M. Ryzhik's Table of Integrals, Series, and Products (Academic Press). Naturally. a Scientific software form of encoding was needed for this. Peter Goldie, the founder of this company, explains why SGML is better than PDF , and includes numerous useful links to other items. Basically, SGML, on which Lightbinders' technology is based, is not merely appearance based, as is PDF, but structurally based. This argument carries weight with me. Unfortunately, the SGML used for this book encodes, through embedded TeX, only the appearance mathlab of the mathematics! The browser/ front end to this book and other items suitably encoded in SGML is Dynatext from EBT (now INSO), which allows either SGML or TeX format and is compatible with ISO TR 9573 part 11 DTD, the AAP DTD, and the ArborText DTD. In fact, all forms are converted to TeX, then DVI and then rendered as raster images. The advantage of starting with SGML is that search tools that have been adapted for other SGML forms might be able to search in SGML-math too. Searching in TeX is not supported.

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